Project Resources

Anna Höstman’s web page on the process of creation for Nuyamł-ił Kulhulmx (Singing the Earth):

Continuum Contemporary Music’s page on the piece, including reviews from Toronto press:

A review from the Coast Mountain News (Bella Coola’s local paper):

Upcoming Events

Nuyamł-ił Kulhulmx (Singing the Earth): 11 Pieces about a Place will have a second performance on February 26, 2017.
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, featuring Marion Newman, soprano and Bramwell Tovey, conductor.


Interactive Event Program

Click on the program cover above to view the official event program for “Nuyaml-il-kulhulmx (Singing the earth)”.

You may also download and view the program in PDF Tiny PDF icon .


Anna Höstman – Project Trailer

Video recording of the full performance of Nuyamł-ił Kulhulmx (Singing the Earth)


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The composer’s creative process included weaving together historical and contemporary sources in four languages (Nuxalk, Norwegian, English and Japanese) Photo courtesy of
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The performance of Nuyamł-ił Kulhulmx (Singing the Earth) included video projections that cast images, “like ghosts of trees throughout the space”. Photo courtesy of
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Throughout the performance, video projections were cast onto long banners of papers, among a backdrop of erasure poetry. Photo courtesy of